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ART VIBES is an art consultation platform that specializes in commissioning of murals and advises on purchasing contemporary Israeli art.

Our services are suitable for private art collectors as well as businesses, interior designers, architects, offices, shops, cafes & restaurants, homes, events, campaigns, live painting and more.

We commission murals, curate, offer consultation and manage artists and art projects


Commissioning Murals

Murals are a perfect way to upgrade your business or private space. Adding a mural in or around your space can create a welcoming environment for people to enjoy, feel and think.

We work with leading contemporary and urban artists in Israel, each having a wide range of styles and rich experiences in creating murals and artworks both in the urban space and in art institutions. We offer you professional and unique murals, personally customized by the artist and designed to suit what you are looking for.

art consultant

Art consultant helps you choose the artworks that suits your personal taste, goals and budget by saving you time and effort in the process, knowing you will get the most knowledge and highest quality.

Choosing and buying art is not a trivial matter. We help you select and purchase the artworks by knowing you and your needs and doing for you the research in the art field. We curate for you- placing the artworks in the most suitable place considering the space and its purpose. We help you start, build and grow your art collection.  

why using our service?

We manage the details so you don't have to, which makes buying art easier.

Most of the artists are great in creating arts, but not great in business. A lot of the art lovers and art investors likes art, but don’t know enough about it. And that’s where we get in.

We manage the entire purchase process: meeting you at your own space, learning about your style and needs, matching you the artists that specializes in it and taking care of the business connection between you and the artist.


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